Introduction host families


It is an explicit choice of the international harvest and folkore festival to accommodate our foreign guests in local host families. We are convinced that ‘becoming acquainted with other people’ is fascinating, enriching and inspiring. The foreign guests can appreciate their stay in a host family. In the folklore world ‘The Pikkeling’ is  worldwide known for the good accommodation of their guests. The program is intense, but not overwhelming. There is still a lot of time to spend with their host families. Experience and discover other cultures by being in a host family is the best way to learn. The host family introduces his guest to the families habbits, rituals, curiosities, beautiful places that remain unseen by many tourists. Not only for the guest this stay is an adventure, but also for the host family. A Pikkeling week is just like a holiday at home. The guest introduces insights, knowledge and interesting aspects from their own culture. Living together broadens the vision of both parties. We are basically all the same. Each with their own background, stories, values and norms, language, habbits…. Living together is possible! If that ain’t a statement!


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