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Each year several groups from all over the world participate to our festival.

The PIKKELING -FESTIVAL is a yearly organized folklore event, in which proximally 5 foreign groups (about 150 participants) and a few Flemish/Belgium folklore groups participate. The festival is organized by V.V.V De Faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. It was founded in 1969. VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW is a member of CIOFF (international organization of folklore festivals) and IOV.

Los PIKKELING – El FESTIVAL en el `Faluintjesstreek’ es un acontecimiento organizado anual del folklore, en el cual proximally 5 grupos extranjeros (cerca de 150 parti-cipantes) y los grupos del folklore de algunos flamencos/de Bélgica participan. El festival es organizado por VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW Fue fundado en 1969. VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW es un miembro del CIOFF (organización internacional de los festivales del folklore).

The VVV De Faluintjesstreek organization consists of a Board and a lot of of Committees instance the Hosting Committee. The Hosting Committee takes care of the lodgings of the groups; they stay with host families in the villages Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert, Moorsel (the Faluintjesgemeenten) and some villages in the aria. VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW has about 80 host families; generally 2 members of a group stay with 1 host family. The host families offer their guests their spare bedrooms, meals, drinks, etc.. The guests are considered to be members of the family during the PIKKELING week. The host families cooperate with VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW voluntarily (freely); they are not being paid for their services!!

El VVV De Faluintjesstreek – la organización consiste en un tablero y muchos del caso de los comités el comité de recibimiento. El comité de recibimiento toma el cuida-do de los alojamientos de los grupos; permanecen con las familias del anfitrión en las aldeas Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert, Moorsel (el Faluintjesgemeenten) y algunas aldeas en el aria. El VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW tiene cerca de 80 familias del anfitrión; generalmente 2 miembros de un grupo permanecen con 1 familia del anfitrión. Las familias del anfitrión ofrecen a sus huéspedes sus dormitorios de repuesto, las comidas, las bebidas, el etc.. Consideran a las huéspedes ser miembros de la familia durante la semana de PIKKELING. Las familias del anfitrión cooperan con VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW voluntariamente (libremente); ¡no están siendo pagadas para sus servicios!!

The Hosting Committee + Interpreters take care of the escort of the groups during the PIKKELING week; They speak at least English; many of them French, Spanish or German. Interpreters assist if necessary.

El comité + los intérpretes de recibimiento toman el cuidado del acompañamiento de los grupos durante la semana de PIKKELING; Hablan por lo menos inglés; muchos de ellos francés, español o alemán. Los inté-rpretes asisten en caso de necesidad.

Audience: Yearly some 20.000 people from all over the country (and abroad: Holland) come and watch the shows at the Faluintjesgemeenten. One of the reasons of the great interest is the free entry price of the festival.

Audiencias: Anual unas 20.000 personas por todas partes del país (y al exterior: Holanda) venida y mira las demostraciones en el Faluintjesgemeenten. Una de las razones del gran interés es el precio libre de la entrada del festival.

The program of the PIKKELING Festival


    • Wednesday: arrival day and official opening of the festival
    • Thursday: performance on the central place of Opwijk
    • Friday: official meeting with the major of the town of Aalst
    • Friday: performance at the central place of Aalst
    • Saturday and Sunday: Pikkeling festival (4 performances)
    • Monday: cultural tour, visiting some beautiful cities
    • Monday evening: performance on the central place of Denderleeuw
    • Tuesday: official meeting with the major of the town of Lebbeke
    • Tuesday evening: performance on the central place of Lebbeke
    • Tuesday evening: farewell party
    • Wednesday: departure

El programa del festival de PIKKELING consiste en


  • miércoles: día de la llegada, la abertura oficialel
  • jueves: funcionamiento en el lugar central de Opwijk
  • viernes: reunión oficial con el comandante de la ciudad de Aalst
  • viernes: funcionamiento en el lugar central de Aalst
  • sábado y domingo: Festival de Pikkeling (4 funcionamientos)
  • Lunes: Viaje cultural, visitando algunas ciudades hermosas
  • tarde de lunes: funcionamiento en el lugar central de Denderleeuw
  • martes: reunión oficial con el comandante de la ciudad de Lebbeke
  • martes de lunes: funcionamiento en el lugar central de Lebbeke
  • tarde de martes: Partido de despedida
  • miércoles: Salida



CIOFF & IOV conditions

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The Festival PIKKELING will take care of:
  • the accommodation (lodgings) of the members of the group
  • the meals and drinks for the members
  • an interpreter (if necessary)
  • the costs of transport inside Belgium
  • some sight-seeing in Belgium if wished by the group
  • a program of the performances
  • taking all measures to realize a good time for the group
  • each performing member gets 5€ pocket money for every performing day
The group will:
  • arrive on the fixed day (26/07)
  • respect the PIKKELING –conditions
  • leave on the fixed day (02/08)
  • dance to “live music” (musicians!)
  • participate with no more then the maximum participants of 25.

Rules and conditions


  • A participating group should have max 25 members (incl. musicians, leaders, driver(s), etc.).
  • It’s a problem to find lodgings for children (0-16 years), so VVV De faluintjesstreek V.Z.W. can’t accept children in the group.
  • Max 10 % of the members may be guiding people (no dancer, musicians)
  • “Tourists” (members who have nothing to do with the performances of the group) are not accepted. We do not accept them to stay in our host families and VVV De Faluintjesstreek does not take care of them. They have to pay for their own costs.
  • The group has to dance with ‘live music’; recorded music is not accepted.
  • Each group will be accompanied during the festival.


  • The members of each group stay with host families in and around Baardegem, Herdersem, Meldert en Moorsel (Faluintjes municipalities) and nearby.
  • Two room mates stay with one family; the group leader is requested to divide the members into ‘couples’.
  • During the week each member of the group is a member of the family, respecting the rules of the house.
  • Host families are not paid for their hospitality.
  • Drivers that accompany the group stay in a hotel on the charge of the group.


  • The costs of transport to and from Belgium are at the expense of the group; the festival can only contribute a bit in these costs. (about 250 €).
  • The festival gives pocket money as foreseen in the CIOFF /IOV conditions of 5€ per performing participant per performing day.
  • The costs of the lodgings, meals, drinks, excursion are at the expenses of the festival.


  • Groups participate in the PIKKELING Festival at their own risk.
  • Groups have to be insured against all risks of life: falling ill, hospitalisation, accidents. etc.
  • VVV De Faluintjesstreek vzw can’t take responsibility to their financial and/or other consequences.
  • There is First Aid during the performances for small accidents, etc.; it’s a free costs service.
  • VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW has taken and will take all measures to avoid any risks of participation for the participants as well as the audience and the VVV De faluintjesstreek VZW workers.


  • VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW. respects any opinion concerning religion and politics.
  • Groups can participate, independently of their religious and/or politic background.
  • But VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW does not allow any religious or political activity in the dance area (the ‘parcours’).
  • On Sunday there is a special Service at the PIKKELING festival.


  • Any activity, either from anyone or any group, that could damage the festival is not allowed.
  • VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW will take measures in case of any damage.


  • Situations that are not covered by these ‘Conditions’ VVV De Faluintjestreek VZW will reserve the rights to its own sound judgment.
  • If necessary or requested, VVV De Faluintjesstreek VZW will consult individuals and/or groups who are involved.


  • By participating at the festival a group accepts the conditions of the festival.
  • The leaders of the group are kindly but urgently requested to inform the members of their group about these conditions!!!

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